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Swift Clip - Rechargeable Mini Nail Clippers

Swift Clip - Rechargeable Mini Nail Clippers

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1. One-button opening, strong power to easily trim your nails without jamming, and polish your nails without hurting your hands, making your nails smooth and round.
2. The cutter head is fully fitted and protected, and the arc-shaped opening fits tightly to the fingertips. Multiple safety protections can effectively prevent accidental finger injuries.
3. When trimming nails, the nail debris will automatically enter the debris storage compartment to prevent the debris from splashing around and make cleaning more convenient.
4. Equipped with lighting, it will start automatically when it is turned on, allowing you to trim your nails smoothly without fear of dark environments.
5. Built-in silent motor, slight vibration does not disturb, even trimming the nails of sleeping babies is no problem.
6. The mini and lightweight nail trimmer is easy to carry around, allowing you to trim and polish your nails anytime, anywhere.

Product information:
Type: nail scissors
Applicable people: general
Material: plastic, stainless steel, plastic stainless steel
Color classification: Moon White [English packaging], Tea Green [English packaging], White Wave style [English packaging], Blue Wave style [English packaging], Tea Green [Chinese packaging]], moon White [Chinese packaging]]
Style: portable, electric, household, maternal and child

Packing list:
Electric nail clippers + Instruction manual+data cable+cleaning brush+color box

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